Dubai company orders more than 100 PAL-V flying cars tested at Twente Airport

Aviterra, a Dubai-based company, has signed a deal with PAL-V to bring more than 100 flying cars to the Middle East and Africa. PAL-V conducted tests at Twente Airport last year using various real life scenarios to test the driving stability of their flying car. Our nearly 3 km long runway and shielded environment provided all the space needed to test the stability safely and in a controlled manner.

Aviterra, run and supported by one of the founders of Jetex, a world leader in executive aviation, sees the appeal of PAL-V in its solution for last-mile and regional mobility. Mouhanad Wadaa, Managing Director of Aviterra, explains: "The PAL-V is the perfect vehicle for our customers' regional travel needs by combining flying and driving. It is an innovation that will change mobility as we know it today."

The PAL-V Liberty, known as the world's first flying car, due to its combination of a gyrocopter and a car, addresses the demand for faster and more flexible travel independent of (congested) roads. With a flight range of 500 km and a maximum air speed of 180 km/h, the Liberty reduces travel times by a factor of 2 to 3.

"As an aviation company, we have always kept a close eye on the emerging Advanced Air Mobility industry," notes Wadaa, noting the unique opportunity PAL-V presents. "PAL-V's long-standing presence and compliance with existing regulations allow our customers to safely use FlyDrive solutions using existing air and road infrastructure. Moreover, PAL-V is the only player that combines flying and driving in one vehicle. No other player on the market offers this combination and can realistically deliver the vehicles on short notice."

Driving stability testing at Twente Airport

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