A total of 20 aircraft stands (VOPs) are available at Twente Airport.

n addition to temporarily parking aircraft of the decommissioning company AELS, the VOPs are also suitable for parking aircraft of airlines and leasing companies that are not currently in use. Maintenance companies have the opportunity to perform light maintenance work on these aircraft on-site.

Benefits of parking at Twente Airport:

  • Spacious airport with 20 VOPs
  • Secure and screened location
  • Fully operational airport, including MRO provider(s)
  • Only 170 km by road to Boeing's EMEA spare parts center (AMS) and 330 km by road to Airbus' EMEA spare parts center (HAM).
  • Office space for rent
  • Flexible airside access
Spacious airfield with 20 VOPs

In recent years, several Aircraft stands (VOPs) have been constructed in phases at Twente Airport. We currently have a total of 20 VOPs available for both larger and smaller aircraft. Besides temporarily parking AELS aircraft, the VOPs are also suitable for parking aircraft of both airlines and leasing companies that are not currently in use.

Secure and shielded location

Twente Airport is part of Technology Base, the former military airbase. The site is fully fenced off and only accessible through the controlled access gate. Twente Airport has the security rules of a civilian airport where the safety of parked aircraft is guaranteed. At regular airports, access is complex and registration procedures are time-consuming. At Twente Airport this is much more efficient and the airport has flexible access, without compromising safety.

MRO opportunities

In addition to parking, it is also possible to have light maintenance work performed on aircraft by a maintenance company. 

The aircraft maintenance company Direct Maintenance has a branch (line station) at Twente Airport and is certified (EASA Part145) to perform maintenance on a large number of aircraft types and aircraft parts.

Office space for rent

At Twente Airport, it is possible to temporarily rent office space in one of the hangars for employees who maintain the parked aircraft, for example. The hangar is accessible via the shielded terrain of Technology Base, but also has flexible access to Twente Airport, so that you can easily (in consultation with the port authority, of course) get to and from the parked aircraft for maintenance.

Depending on needs, it may also be possible to rent storage and parking space.

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