Electric flying at Twente Airport

Starting September 6, an E-Flight Pop-up can be found at Twente Airport, with an E-Flight Academy electric plane in addition to an already present mobile charging station. For 12 days it is possible to take a trial lesson in electric flying and pilots can learn to fly at Twente Airport in the fully electric Pipistrel Velis Electro and get their E-rating.

Aviation must reinvent itself to be climate neutral by 2050. This requires innovations in all aspects of aviation and calls for extensive experimentation, training and testing programs. Twente Airport is happy to cooperate in taking forward the successful E-Flight Academy initiative to stimulate electric flying and thereby contribute to making aviation more sustainable.

Thanks to the well-maintained and long runway, the large open space, the current existing infrastructure, the relatively quiet airspace and a mobile charging station for charging electric aircraft, it is possible to offer E-Flight Academy the space to stimulate electric flying in Twente as well. Thanks in part to these facilities, Twente Airport occupies a central position in the Netherlands as an incubator for making national and international aviation more sustainable, which is needed more than ever before.

Flying as sustainably as possible

Due to technological developments, government ambitions and the call for sustainability, the E-Flight Academy also realizes that within ten years, major steps must be taken in the field of electrically powered aircraft. Founded in May 2021, E-Flight Academy is still the first organization in the Netherlands to take this step now and deploy electric flying on this scale. The goal of E-Flight Academy is to make flying more sustainable. They do this by starting to deploy electric aircraft wherever possible. The knowledge and experience they gain in this way will enable the sector to transport passengers in larger electric aircraft.

Electric planes are considerably quieter and cleaner

E-Flight Academy flies Pipistrel Velis Electro aircraft. This ultramodern two-seater aircraft made in Slovenia is currently the only certified electric aircraft in the world that can be flown. Developed specifically for flight training, these aircraft allow pilots to be trained without emitting emissions during flight. In addition to the CO2 savings, the aircraft are also considerably quieter than conventional training aircraft. 

E-Flight pop-up at Twente Airport

From September 6 to 18, the Pipistrel Velis Electro can be flown at Twente Airport. During that period it is possible to take a trial lesson, but it is also possible to follow a difference training within the SEP class rating, after which you are also qualified to fly in electric aircraft.

More information about the trial lessons and the E-rating training: https://www.eflight.nl/blogs/e-flight-notices/nieuw-e-flight-pop-ups

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