Flying-V tests scaled version energy-efficient long-distance aeroplane at Twente Airport

Last week we had the privilege of once again welcoming TU Delft's Flying-V team ( at Twente Airport to carry out tests on the scaled version of their Flying-V aircraft. 

The Flying-V is a demonstrator for a highly energy-efficient long-distance aeroplane. The aircraft’s unique design integrates the passenger cabin, cargo hold and fuel tanks in the wings, creating a spectacular V-shape.

Planned for operational use towards 2040, the aircraft’s improved aerodynamic shape and reduced weight will mean it uses 20% less fuel than the Airbus A350-1000, today’s most advanced aircraft.

Twente Airport was chosen by Flying-V because of its location, ample testing capabilities and the presence of drone innovation cluster Space53. Unique among European airports, especially those with a full-size runway, Twente Airport can be booked for a part of or even a full day to carry out uninterrupted ground and air testing of manned and unmanned aircraft.

For more information about our testing facilities, contact Gerben Groothuis:

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