Twente Airport is not under heightened supervision by ILT

On December 2, it was reported on RTV Oost (with reports from ILT as sources) that:

  1. Twente Airport is under increased supervision by the ILT (later this message was changed by the editors to "attention");
  2. Large aircraft (Code Letter E) are not (anymore) allowed to land at Twente Airport;
  3. Twente Airport is "constantly seeking the Limits".

The operator of Twente Airport, Technology Base, does not agree with these reports and would like to explain why not.

1. Twente Airport is NOT under increased ILT supervision

The report that Twente Airport would be under increased supervision by the ILT caused great surprise to the management of Technology Base. This message has been checked with the Inspector General of the ILT (Mr. van den Bos). From his side it has been confirmed that this message is incorrect. The message was rectified by the ILT via an e-mail to RTV Oost. The word "supervision" was then replaced by "attention." Every airport has the ILT's attention. There is no reason for "heightened" attention because Twente Airport did not violate any rules or regulations.

 2. There is no discussion about LANDING aircraft code letter E for decommissioning

The report that large aircraft (with code letter E) can no longer land or must first obtain approval from the ILT for each landing is incorrect. In the previously provided factual report (dated November 13), it was stated that Twente Airport has had a safety certificate that allows this since August 2018. The discussion with the ILT since summer 2020 concerned the "departure" of these large aircraft.

3. Twente Airport continually does NOT seek the boundaries

Technology Base does not recognize itself at all in the image of searching for the limits with regard to safety. The entire operation and working method at Twente Airport meets all requirements and regulations applicable to the airport. The management of the Technology Base deeply regrets that the current reporting damages the image of Twente Airport. The airport is enthusiastically committed to seizing opportunities in the aviation market to achieve sustainable growth in Twente. Flight safety is an absolutely clear framework that has never been or will never be called into question.

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