Twente Airport member of Electric Flying Connection

Electric Flying Connection (EFC) is the industry association for electric flying. The EFC envisions a future where electric flying is a common transportation option for distances up to 1,000 km. Imagine being able to travel not only between major airports, but also between smaller, regional hubs - all of it climate-neutral. With more than 2,000 regional airports in Europe alone, the potential for electric flight to connect these hubs and revolutionize inter-regional travel is limitless.

Incubator and testing ground for sustainable aviation

Twente Airport's membership is twofold. First, we are one of the regional airports that can act as a regional e-hub, providing the Twente region with clean and quiet flight options. In addition, as a breeding ground and testing ground for sustainable aviation and new forms of mobility, we also want to play an important role in the development of electric flying.

The nearly three kilometer long runway, the relatively quiet airspace and the facilities around it, offer all the space needed to safely test and further develop innovations in the field of sustainable aviation. Thanks to the rapid development of battery technology and the availability of renewable energy, together with the other parties affiliated with EFC, we can contribute to ensuring that a significant proportion of traditional fossil fuel flights of up to 1,000 km can be replaced by electric flying in the future.

To make electric flying a success, we need to work closely together. By joining the EFC, we are part of a consortium in which we can jointly create sustainable and climate-neutral new forms of mobility for the future.

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