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When Meiltje de Groot (54) started as director of Twente Airport, in October 2013, she found an almost empty airport. Although on paper the military status of the airfield would be preserved, the airfield was mostly very much in the past. The squadron of F-16s that stood there had moved to other airports and attempts to restart the civilian part of the airport failed due to a lack of sponsors.

Plans abounded in those days, but ultimately none of the ideas in De Groot's first years as director actually took wing. In 2014, a discussion about possible state aid from the province and municipality got in the way. Then local residents revolted when it seemed that as much as 840 acres of forest would have to be cut down for a commercial airport with vacation flights. The only company to set up at Twente since 2016 was Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS). The company dismantles old aircraft. Eventually, the airport itself would also go end-of-life, was the prevailing view among many at the time.

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