E-Flight Academy: Night Rating Training at Twente Airport

Do you have a pilot's license and enjoy flying, but want to further develop your skills to become an even better pilot, able to fly in even more conditions? Then the Night Rating Training at Twente Airport is ideal for you!

A difference of day and night

During Night Training, you will learn to fly at night according to Visual Flying Rules (VFR), which means learning to fly by sight in the dark. This requires a whole new set of skills that you can sink your teeth into. You learn to deal with different visual references and to interpret instruments in reduced visibility. This not only improves your navigation and emergency procedures, but also makes you a better pilot - a difference of night and day ;). Moreover, you will enjoy the fantastic views during your night flights over illuminated cities and under bright starry skies.

You'll get more out of your license

In short, night flying lets you get more out of your license and increases your flexibility because you are no longer limited to just daylight hours. Often the weather conditions are also better at night, with less wind and thermal activity. In addition, it is a good investment in your career, as night flying experience is often a requirement for commercial pilots.

Please note: The training is not possible with their electric aircraft, as they do not have lighting. Of course, they offset all CO2 emissions through their partner Just Diggit.

More information on the E-Flight Academy website.

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